• Company Overview

    About SFX

    Established in 1992, SFX Preferred Resorts is the only Exchange Company specializing in the industries highest rated resorts…

    In the early days of the timeshare industry, the exchange process restricted owners to solely using their home resort's affiliated exchange company. Seeing the need to help owners of high quality resort properties expand their level of benefits and options, Mel Grant founded The San Francisco Exchange Company – SFX Preferred Resorts in 1992.

    By opening up the market place, SFX gives consumer's the ability to request quality resorts listed in multiple exchange networks, rather than being restricted to just one exchange company that is affiliated with the resort. Grant's vision to bring timeshare owners the freedom of choice and more options is expanding daily. Today, with over 120,000 registered members, SFX is one of the most sought after specialty vacation exchange companies in the world with a network of highly rated, brand name resorts in the USA, Mexico, the Caribbean, Canada, and Europe.

    Key to the success of SFX is the quality level of customer service and support that it offers its members. The knowledgeable and experienced Exchange Coordinators at SFX assist in making member exchanges as effortless as possible so they can enjoy a multitude of superior quality vacation experiences.

  • Executive Buzz

    Executive Buzz

    Team work with focus towards the continual development of exceptional Premier Vacation Exchange.

    At the SFX Preferred Resorts Headquarters in California the foundation of our management approach is all about continually developing communication and corporate outreach to support the commitment we have made - Sustaining long term relationships with our 100,000 plus membership base and our partner resorts by providing outstanding service and rewarding benefits.

    Constantly monitoring the pulse of our members' needs our management team strives to give them more choice and service they can depend on.

    • Mel Grant
      President & CEO

      Mel Grant entered into the timeshare industry in 1979. From 1979 to 1992, Mr. Grant gained invaluable industry knowledge and executive experience in the areas of sales, management and marketing of the timeshare industry. During this time, Mr. Grant saw the need for creating a highly specialized vacation exchange company which would create a network of only the highest rated, timeshare resorts in the USA, Mexico, the Caribbean, Canada, Europe and, eventually, expanding into the other continents as well. In 1992, he founded of one of the most respected Timeshare Exchange Companies, SFX Preferred Resorts.

      Currently, Mel Grant is focused on expanding SFX to higher levels in providing Members with greater transactional and vacation experiences. The satisfaction of the SFX Membership Base is a long-term commitment and journey that always seeks a value proposition to exceed customers' expectations.

    • Cory Phelps
      Senior Vice President

      Cory Phelps has been involved with the timeshare industry for over 20 years. Early in his career he worked at a private timeshare company in Southern California, Pacific Monarch Resorts. Throughout his employment at PMR he gained valuable experience and knowledge in all aspects of the timeshare business and was continually promoted within the company. Phelps was so successful in sales that the company sent him all over the West Coast to establish and develop multiple sales offices. Goals achieved he moved over to the corporate side and successfully managed PMR's Owner Services Department.

      Cory was introduced to Mel Grant in 2002, and struck such an impression, that in 2004, Mel recruited Cory to be the Executive Director of SFX Preferred Resorts. In 6 short years, his expertise has dynamically contributed to the expansion of the company and is now Senior Vice President of SFX Preferred Resorts / The San Francisco Exchange Company.

      Currently, Cory Phelps is developing new Member Communication and Information Programs to keep Members' more in touch with their benefits and travel options. Phelps continues to be forefront in the review and addition of new quality resort partners to increase The SFX Member choice.

    • Stan Wong
      Director of Information Technology

      Stan Wong built SFX's first customized exchange software platform in 1997. After years of consulting, he officially joined SFX in 2007 to head their IT department. With a strong background in relational databases and application development in the timeshare industry, his dedicated efforts to constantly improve and streamline The SFX Preferred Resorts exchange platform are tireless and focused.

      By employing an in-house team responsible for all aspects of its IT Infrastructure, SFX Preferred Resorts is able to quickly interface with members, agents, resorts, and industry partners to provide the best opportunity for a successful vacation exchange.